Send Image from OSX preview to Adobe Photoshop

OSX Preview to Photoshop

There will be times when you want to open the image you are viewing OSX preview app in photoshop directly. Because locating the image in hard disk and opening it in photoshop is too long process.

One simple way to do it is to drag the proxy icon in the preview title bar and drop it on top of photoshop icon ( Or any other app you want to open it in) in the dock.

For this to work, photoshop must be already open or it must be pinned to the dock.

It works on all sorts of apps with all sorts of files. If you have several versions of Photoshop, simply drag it to the one you please. Hope it’s useful!


How to merge two or more columns in OSX Numbers

There will be occasions where you will want to merge two columns in numbers. Like

  • Merging two columns with base url and image name to get the full image path.
  • Combining first name and last name columns to get the full name.

There can be several other cases. Recently I exported list of emails which had separate columns for first and last names. But my newsletter software wanted them as name,email. So I had to merge the first and last name columns with a space in between them.

Here is my list, which has 3 columns, first name, last name, and email.

Merging columns in MAC Numbers

I want to merge first name and last name into one. Here are the step by step instructions to do it

  1. First create a new column, say D.
  2. Select an empty cell in it and click the fx(formula) button in the menu.
    Creating Formulas in Numbers
  3. Then enter the formula (It should look like the screenshot below) and hit enter.
  4. Tadaa!!, One row is merged. Now to merge all rows, copy the contents of this cell (cmd+c) and
    and select entire row D and paste(cmd+v)

    Copy the selected cell (cmd+c) and the select entire column by clicking on the column letter and press cmd+v
    Copy the selected cell (cmd+c) and the select entire column by clicking on the column letter and press cmd+v

Now we have the column we want but, what if we don not want the original columns?

You may think that you can simply delete them, but you can not, as our new column D is dependent on A and B. If you make any changes to A and B they will be reflected in D to.

So, export the sheet as CSV, and open this file and now you will be free to delete the source columns in this new file as the columns have no link to others.