How to Receive Files via Bluetooth on Mac From Android and Other Phones


If you are able to send files from your Mac to other devices and unable to receive the files from them even after pairing, the most likely reason is your bluetooth sharing isn’t turned on.

Turn on bluetooth sharing on MAC OSX?

Turning bluetooth sharing is very simple.

Open preferences panel and select sharing and then select enable bluetooth sharing.  You will now be able to receive files via bluetooth on mac.

You can find the screenshots for the process below.

Note: Either  turn off bluetooth sharing when you don’t need it or make sure you have “Ask What to Do” selected for both receiving files and when other bluetooth devices try to browse your Mac. If you are not careful, people can use this to install spyware or other malicious software or get access to your personal files.

Be sure to pay attention to options marked with red arrows.
Be sure to pay attention to options marked with red arrows.


7 thoughts on “How to Receive Files via Bluetooth on Mac From Android and Other Phones”

  1. Hi – I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and a Mac mini. I am trying to transfer photos from my phone to my Mac. It won’t do it!!
    I have enableld bluetooth sharing, and paired my computer with the phone. Both are “discoverable”.
    If I click on ‘browse device’ on the Bluetooth window on the Mac – it keeps searching, but can’t find my phone.
    If I go to the photo on my phone that I want to transfer, and click on bluetooth – it says the file wasn’t transferred after a second or two!
    It has worked before, and it was a pain trying to get it to work then…. but that was a while ago, and I can’t remember how I finally got it to work.
    Any help would be very welcome.

    1. AFIK, Mac can not browse android phones (Unless, the vendor adds support to it).
      It should be able to receive files if the sharing is turned on. Check is receive files is set to allow.
      Also try sending a different image to mp3 file.
      Another problem is some times the bluetooth prompt. Check all open windows by press F3 or fn+f3 see if you missed the bluetooth prompt.

      If you are using WIFI, I recommend you use AirDroid to transfer files between your android and PC

  2. Hey!! Im using iPhone 4S, I cant send/receive files Via bluetooth from other phones like Samsung Galaxy 4. Everytime it keeps on saying “file not sent”

    Any one can help me please!!!

  3. I have a MacBook pro and the Bluetooth was working fine till yesterday when I was trying to receive study notes via Bluetooth from a friends phone and I realized it wasn’t working. I thought it was just her phone but I tried with several other tablets and laptops even my own phone and it wasn’t receiving anything.
    usually when my mac receives files a pop-up confirmation comes on to accept or decline, now it doesn’t pop-up at all..

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