5 Less Known Mac OS X Tricks

Although, most of the experienced Mac users already tried these tricks, but if you are new in Mac, you can follow the following tricks to get more out of your Mac. If you use these tricks, you do not have to install any third-party software to do a particular task, sometime you do have to find a complicated setting in your Mac. All these tutorials are much easy to use.

5 less known Mac OS X Tricks

Set Custom Message in Log in Screen

Set Custom Message in Log in Screen

Mac requires a password at several times just like Linux. Although, you can allow automatic log in, which won’t ask any password at startup but if you want to make your Mac secure, this is recommended to disable automatic log in. When you disable automatic log in, you will start getting a log in screen just like Windows and other OS during startup, where you will have to enter your password.

However, you can show custom messages on your log in screen that may be helpful if you have forgotten your MacBook at any public place and someone is trying to log in to your Mac. He/She can easily check your custom message and you will get your Mac back if you have a good luck. To set a custom message in your Mac’s log in screen, just follow the following steps:

Go to System Preferences >> Security & Privacy >> Unlock to Make Change >> Tick on “Show a message when the screen is locked” >> Set Lock Message >> Write down your message

Disable Drop Shadow in Screenshot

Alike Windows, Mac comes with an in-built screen capture tool. You can simply press cmd + shift + 3 or cmd + shift +4 to capture your screen. However, if you have checked your captured screenshots minutely, you might have already seen the huge drop shadow around the screenshot. This default setting/customization might be annoying at some moments.

Nevertheless, don’t worry. You can easily disable this drop shadow within seconds. To do so, just open your Terminal and enter the following command:

defaults write com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow -bool true

Now, you have to restart your Mac to get the change.

Save any Screenshot as PDF

Suppose, you have to send some screenshots to someone in PDF. Generally, most of the Mac users use many Image to PDF converter to convert captured images into PDF file. But, do you know that you can do this conversion without installing any third-party software? To do so, open your Terminal and enter the following command:

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type pdf;killall SystemUIServer

Now, you may have to restart your PC.

Show Hidden Files and Folders

By default, you won’t get any system created files (.DS_Store) or any other self-made hidden files in your Mac. Sometime, we need to show hidden files to do something important. For example, you have hidden some files from your Windows and wanted to use that in your Mac. At such moment, you can simply use this following Terminal command:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES; killall Dock

Set Any Image as Folder Icon

This is one of the best tricks you can do. Although, Windows does not allow users to do so without having any third-party software but you can set any image as folder icon without installing any software in your Mac. To set any image as folder icon, just right-click on any folder and select Get Info. Then drag and drop the image on the default folder icon that is situated at top left.

Set Image as Folder Icon Mac

Bottom Line

When you are using Mac, you can easily customize it as per your wish. You can always find a great solution or trick to do whatever you want. Stay tuned to get more Mac tricks.

Hello world!

Hello World From OSX and iOS Help

4 years back when I got my first Macbook Pro, the first week of switching from Windows was a mixed feeling. Not that I did not like OSX, but   I missed a few things that windows has a developer. These may seem simple and silly but if you are developer, you will understand.

  • Delete button.
  • Page up and page down.
  • Different keyboard layout ( position of ctr and command keys ).
  • Multimedia keys.

I got used to the OSX alternates of the above things and within a month I completely fell in love with OSX and my Macbook and I would never ever go back to a windows machine again. My 4 years with OSX only strengthened my decision.

Though the MAC and OSX are perfect and save you a hell lot of time compared Windows, there will be few things that are not obvious on the first sight or sometimes you may want to the OSX to do something that it isn’t designed for. Here I will share my answered to such questions, and help you find solutions to any other similar problems you may have.

I have been using iOS for 7 years, though it wasn’t perfect initially( Lack of copy paste function ) they fixed the problems and other usability issues with time and now it’s almost close to perfect (only if they can give easy access to settings from within the apps).

iOS section of this blog will cover news about the interesting apps, news from the jailbreak community and solve any problems you might with your device.

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